What “Organic” Means to Us

At Laughing Salad, we’re committed to providing the very best products organic practices can offer. How committed? So committed, that we’ve gone to the effort of qualifying for Oregon Tilth certification – probably the most stringent certification in the US. We take great care and pride in making sure that everything that goes into our land, from composts to cover crops to every seed we sow, originated either from our own work or from certified organic sources.Oregon Tilth Seal

We seed save many crops and select for flavor and vigor. We also allow nature and our bees to breed new plant varieties that we are working on selecting as new open pollinated plants. The majority of the lettuce seed we buy comes from a certified organic plant breeder in Corvallis Oregon, Wild Garden Seeds. High Mowing SeedHorizon HerbsTerritorial and Johnny’s Selected Seeds are other favored companies we purchase seed from.

We also strive to live in harmony with the surrounding wildlife. That’s our commitment and it’s part of Oregon Tilth certification requirements. We minimize wildlife impact with wild corridors, buffer zones, and low-impact exclusion measures. Crop rotations, cover crops, and plenty of border plantings that attract beneficial insects ensure happy plants and cause minimal intervention in or disturbance of surrounding wild lands.

We recertify every year with Oregon Tilth, so you can be sure that the fresh seasonal and specialty produce you receive is as close to nature as you can get without growing or harvesting it yourself. We love our plants. And we love the intensity of flavor found in foods grown with care and with all-organic practices — we’re sure you’ll love it, too.