In 2011, Daniel Walter and his wife Heather Redwine-Walter bought a home on 3-½ acres near Veneta, Oregon. With lots of old-fashioned hard work, a passion for learning, and an ever-present sense of humor, the couple turned their land into Laughing Salad a year-round, certified-organic, family farm.

Early spring 2017 we moved our farm to East Beacon in Eugene to be closer to family. Once again turning a field into a farm just like starting over, but with this move we have also expanded our farm, we are very excited to be able to offer more of a selection of produce this year because of this expansion.


Unique & Colorful Salad Makings

Unlike produce harvested and distributed by corporate farms, which comes in limited varieties and colors (not to mention unknown types and quantities of chemical “enhancements,” and uncalculated carbon-fuel freight costs), Laughing Salad’s offerings include a heaping helping of the unconventional alongside the conventional.  Nasturtium flowers and greens, Miner’s Lettuce, and wild sorrel …there’s always something available to make any salad or veggie combination artistic, as well as tasty. Check out What’s in Season Now.


Our Farm to Your Salad Bowl

Orders are ready the day they’re picked. You can’t get fresher than that.  And, they’re carefully hand packed and inspected by Daniel, Heather, or Heather’s Mom. Really. Laughing Salad is seriously a family farm, where “buying local” truly means local.


Safe, Scrumptious Salads (Say it three times, fast!)

Because Laughing Salad is certified organic, there’s never a worry about unhealthy chemicals. There’s only exceptional nourishment and extraordinary flavor.