Oregon Spring Mix-Certified Organic Salad Mix-1 LB- BACK ORDERED UNTIL MONDAY 6/22


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1 Pound bag

A delightful and constantly changing mix of tender leaves from a variety of organic lettuces. Each bag contains a mix of varying colors and textures.

Current ingredients: Organic Lettuce

Our salad mix is washed and ready-to-eat right from the bag.

Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth


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About our vegetables

Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth. We use deep organic techniques similar to those of Eliot Coleman. We are dedicated to exceeding the standards of the National Organic Programs guidelines, and those of Oregon Tilth. We use farm generated fertility, cover crops and high efficiency irrigation. We seed save many crops and select for flavor and vigor. We also allow nature and our bees to breed new plant varieties that we are working on selecting as new open pollinated plants. The majority of lettuce seed we do buy, comes from a certified organic plant breeder in Corvallis Oregon, Wild Garden Seeds. High Mowing Seed, Horizon Herbs, Territorial and Johnny's Select Seeds are our other favored companies to purchase seed from. Enjoy and eat your colors!